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Confused about expressions in Prime RPN stack
05-03-2020, 06:02 PM
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RE: Confused about expressions in Prime RPN stack
(05-03-2020 04:30 PM)Orome Wrote:  
(05-03-2020 08:10 AM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  The "copy" command being used probably needs to have a check for "is it in RPN and is the edit line not active and is the item selected an expression".

Just "stick in ' ' " does not solve anything really as it messes up other cases.

It feels like the inclusion of the RPN stack was an afterthought and wasn't fully tested (or documented for that matter).

I suspect it was more like a limited-function entry mode option that was a relatively low priority for the project. It think it was added (along with the double-wide Enter key) more as a favor to the hard core RPN old timers (like me) who frequent this forum. We should really thank the tiny but devoted team that developed the HP Prime for getting it added at all. I'm sure the bean counters and executives at HP would not have allowed 1 cent to be spent towards adding RPN mode if they had any say in this level of detail. It was certainly not an important feature for the educational market for which this product was developed for.
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