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HP-97 enhancements
02-19-2020, 12:01 AM
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RE: HP-97 enhancements
(02-18-2020 10:42 PM)Kees Bouw Wrote:  Just a few thoughts / questions.

The HP-97 has a "print stack" function, could this be used or modified so the output would be useable on the outside instead of it being printed?

Would it be possible to change or expand the rom code with extra functions?

Is there any equipment known that you could connect to the 50 pin connector of a HP-97S? Or did you have to create your own? And what about the software for it?

Same problem, the data paths for the stack registers are internal to the ARC chip.

Anything is possible. I am looking into a replacement CPU board for the 97 but still lots to do. It is more complex than the others I have done.

I did create a small circuit board, intending to make a 97 interface circuit, but I did not see the point. I may make something similar available if I finish the CPU replacement.

The driver software has to come out of your own grey matter. I think age is starting to get the better of me and mine is slowly morphing into don't matter :-)


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