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Accuracy of Saturn CPU emulators
01-29-2020, 06:29 AM
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RE: Accuracy of Saturn CPU emulators

>Indeed. Part of my day job is to write ARM CPU models, some of them being extremely complex as they have not only to be functionally accurate, but also cycle accurate.

Cool, where do you work? Do you have to also do the GPU?
How important is cycle accuracy in our modern age of cache and cachemiss? is it really possible to be cycle accurate?
Also, there is buss sharing with periferials that can cause the buss to be buzzy at random times. Are you emulating this also?
In other terms are you doing a bull SOC emulator, or just the core CPU?

>And x86, no way, never. That's the most horrible instruction set I ever had the displeasure to use.
Not even talking about the 64 bit extentions!


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