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12c clr reg not programmable, why?
01-05-2020, 09:51 AM
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RE: 12c clr reg not programmable, why?
Because on 12C and all 1xC calculators if you clear registers the free memory is not change, no meaning of CLEAR REG. If you want to initialise your counters simple store the requested value in the counter register. If you want to clear R1 to R6 use CLEAR SUM.

On my 32SII I use frequently the CLEAR command, because if you store 0 in a register that RAM area is added to program memory. In this case the CLEAR REG is important command.

BTW: in my understanding the "initializing a variable" not means "store 0 in a register". On CASIO fx-4000P or 4500P the variables exists like on 12C and if you want to initialise registers you can use "~" command like: 100 STO A~F. This is more flexible than CLEAR.

I can imagine a "SETREG" command on the future HP calcs with value ENTER from ENTER to SETREG syntax, which set the registers on the range Rfrom to Rto to value.

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