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(Casio fx-CG50) OS Ver. 3.30
09-01-2019, 11:48 AM
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(Casio fx-CG50) OS Ver. 3.30
Another year, another exciting update for the fx-CG50.

Well, not that exciting.

There is a second examination mode in OS Ver. 3.30 that allows use of vectors and the 3D Graphing app. This mode is not allowed for the IB exam, and is not yet supported on the French Graph 90+E version of the calculator.

There are some minor improvements to the Python built-in app, but no major additions such as extra modules for drawing, etc.
  • Switching from non-alpha to alpha mode now also switches to lower-case alpha.
  • The OPERAT soft-key menu replaces '!' with '!='.
  • There are some useful additions to the catalog to aid program editing.

There is a minor update to the Physium app to update some atomic weights (based on 2017 IUPAC).

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— Ian Abbott
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