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08-22-2019, 02:30 PM
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(08-22-2019 10:39 AM)Podalirius Wrote:  Hi, some little bit of specifications:
- I was sorry for respect of you and your work to help me.
- I am a scholar, to study (and learn) is in my nature.
Well, this is probably a cultural thing here.
I am a Quebecer (French Canadian from Quebec) exchanging with an Italian from Europe in English which is non-native for both. Smile
Anyway, it was my decision to jumped in to help you with your 41CL, after that it was my responsibility as much as I could to bring you to a certain level of understanding.

(08-22-2019 10:39 AM)Podalirius Wrote:  I tried some experiments with MMU configuration exchange, before to read your last message.
(The risk is very low, to reinstall 9CFA and 9CFB is a matter of minutes).
That's the spirit! Wink

(08-22-2019 10:39 AM)Podalirius Wrote:  With 9CFA active on MMU 0 to change to have 9SCI
STOCFG 1 // A backup
If you make a modification that you want to keep then it make sense to save your configuration to your set (here 9CFA) otherwise you should only read from it.
That lower the risk of overwriting your configuration with a wrong one.

(08-22-2019 10:39 AM)Podalirius Wrote:  ...
I think to begin to understand the mechanism of MMU.
Great! ... you are now the expert on this subject and you answer the next 41CL user question on MMU configuration sets ... just kidding ... LOL.

(08-22-2019 10:39 AM)Podalirius Wrote:  At this point all the help I asked is at his end, but you proposed me a procedure to save MMU configurations via HP-IL, still I am not here to abuse of you to make my 41CL without any effort!!!
I ask you, if possible, to give me some suggestions so that I can try to make it by myself. In case of problems, I can ask new help.
Doing a backup/restore of HePaX RAM to/from a HP-IL medium is relatively easy.
Since the HePaX RAM external structure is based on ROM format, most MLDL (Machine Language Development Lab) utility ROM has a way to backup/restore ROM to/from HP-IL medium.

Doing a backup/restore of the MMU configuration sets to/from a HP-IL medium is more problematic.
The problem is that I need to bring the information from/to the 41CL FPGA MMU world into the HP-41CX world before being able to make a backup/restore to/from a HP-IL medium.

I need to do some reading of Monte documents and do some experimentation before I can come up with the solution.
There will be some days before I will come back to you.

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