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08-19-2019, 06:13 PM
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Hi, I have the need to use the same Hepax RAM area from
two different MMU configurations.
But the solution to have more than one Hepax RAM set is
also very interesting!
But I am still in doubt:
To make place to my config in MMU 0, that is a copy of 9PWR,
I think to remove the modules 4TBX and ROMX from ports B and C
respectively, than to install HEP2 in port B and the four Hepax RAM
pages in ports C to F.
Equally, I need to free the ports B to F in 9HIL ho hold a new install
of HEP2 and to make space for the same Hepax RAM pages from C
to F locked before the install of MMU F in MMU 0.
to do so, I think to modify the 9HIL, deleting the DACQ, the DEV2 and
EXTI or EXIO. And moving YFNX from port D to port 9.
Then installing MASS in port A, HEP2 in port B and ports C to F ready
to receive the Hepax RAM pages installed in the modified version of 9PWR.
All this is exact or I am wrong??
Again, thank you very, very much to ALL you!!!
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