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08-17-2019, 02:45 PM (This post was last modified: 08-17-2019 03:11 PM by Podalirius.)
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Hi, I very appreciate all your efforts!!!
I am not an assembler programmer,
however I am very interested to learn something more, as the 41CL manuals
are for me a bit difficult, so I ask Mr. Sylvain Cote
to continue with his explications on CFGINI and MMU(s) settings,
so useful and clear for me! (and maybe also for others)

My first question was on the possility to have two
HEPAX installations in two separate MMU,
also without use CFGINI, but I am very interested also
on CFGINI and MMU(s) settings, so I decided to wait for
all your explications to learn more, before try to configure
the MMU(s) with CFGINI.

On CFGINI use, I triyed working with the MMU(s) installed by CFGINI, in maybe every mode
but is impossible and also a powerful source of MEMORY LOST,
because with EXCFG and RCLCFG the modules are superimposed
in ports so is possible that more ports are linked to the same module.
Even if I use PPLUG to delete a module and insert the new correct module
the MEMORY LOST error is a possibility very real!

I hope in your help!
I thank you ALL so much!!!
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