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Drawing Commands: TI Nspire CX II
07-19-2019, 04:17 PM
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Drawing Commands: TI Nspire CX II
Blog post:

The CX II adds drawing commands to the TI Nspire programming language which includes:

Clear (blank to clear the entire screen), (x, y, width, height)

DrawArc x, y, width, height, startAngle, sweepAngle

DrawCircle x, y, radius

DrawLine x1, y1, x2, y2

DrawPoly (see plotdemo2 for further details)

DrawRect upper_x_pixel, upper_y_pixel, width, height

DrawText x, y, string/text/expression

FillArc x, y, width, height, startAngle, sweepAngle

FillCircle x, y, radius

FillPoly (see plotdemo2 for further details)

FillRect upper_x_pixel, upper_y_pixel, width, height

getPlatform() (returns dt for desktop, hh for handheld, ios for the iOS App)

PaintBuffer (buffers the paint screen)

PlotXY x, y, shape (13 shapes available: 1 for dot, 5 for cross, 6 for plus, 8, for medium dot)

SetColor red, green, blue (sets the Nspire's color pen)

SetPen thickness, style (1 thin, 2 medium, 3 thick; 1 smooth, 2, dotted, 3 dashed)

SetWidnow xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax (establishes drawing area - use this command to switch coordinates to Cartesian)

UseBuffer (tells the Nspire to use an off screen to draw objects, then use
PaintBuffer to call them back up)
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