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HP-25 - what could be wrong, simple question
09-22-2019, 05:39 PM
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RE: HP-25 - what could be wrong, simple question
A small update ...
I have sent a message to Bernard because we want to add a couple oh HP-25A to our collection,
however, few days ago we purchased an HP25 that was claimed to be working but with some
keyboard issues.
It turned out that it had some corrosion inside, and keys 4,5, 1,2, 7 and 8 where not working.
Those keys happen to be just behind the battery pack.
We did a complete restoration, and we also have dismantled the keyboard, since the
cleaning obtained so far was too much unreliable.
By doing this, removing all the keys, we have also been able to spray the keyboard with TS-80
from Tamiya.
We don't know if the Woodstock were originally this matte, but we really like the way it came out.
Polishing also the red lens.
Enjoy the photo, this is also an experiment since we shared the photos using iCloud.
Let us know as always your thoughts !
Take care !!!
HP-25 extreme makeover

Edoardo & Alberto
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