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Major bug on G2
05-17-2019, 07:38 PM
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RE: Major bug on G2
(05-13-2019 08:45 PM)Martin Wrote:  It looks like the BREAK; command in a program, is the cause of this issue.
Go to HELP, and search for BREAK.
The example gives you a program Demo_BREAK.
When running this program, the Prime reboots.

I have had to patch several programs, not to use BREAK; and instead of that,
construct some other condition to leave a loop.

Is there a chance to get that fixed in the next firmware release?

Thanks in advance.


I tried this (Demo_BREAK) again with a clean (Format C) Prime G2.
=> Same behavior => Calculator resets.

Can anybody confirm this issue, or does my Prime G2 hava a hardware issue?

Thanks in advance

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