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Adapting cell battery to HP 41
02-25-2019, 08:04 PM
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RE: Adapting cell battery to HP 41
Hi, Dieter!

Your calculus seems to be more precise than mine. I should have measured with my multimeter the currents envolved, I'll try to do that to be more exact.
Anyway, N cells here are hard to find by here. I have some rechargeable, but it's time consuming put then to charge, find the charger and, after all, they will oxidate even more the contacts of calculator, which are not so good.
So, the mainly porpous at the end is to have my HP-41 working back again.
The same for the cassete drive and printer: their big batteries, and very problematic too, the old charger, will go soon, soon! I'll take batteries from a portable charger of Pineng if they fit on battery compartment.
It seems that step-up converter can handle up 2A - I hope this is enough for these peripherics.

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