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My HP-41CV projects
01-08-2019, 02:18 PM
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RE: My HP-41CV projects
Today i printed a new battery holder for my 82143A printer.
I soldered 4 Sub-C NiMh cells together and made new battery contacts out of brass sheet. For safety i added 3 layers electrical tape between the cells and the brass contacts. Charging is done with a NiMh charger outside of the printer, because the internal charging circuit is not compatible with the NiMh battery.
Printing my notes and program listings works perfect!


Later I tried the program "TE" from the book "Extended Functions Made Easy" and noticed a conflict between the CCD Module and Zenrom if loaded together in one clonix module.
With both Modules loaded, the Alpha Input is not working correctly.
I found a Note inside the CCD folder from the HP41-DVD:

If used together with a ZENROM, the CCD-lowercase-mode should be disabled (register 13 byte 4 bit 7 has to be set to 1.

I also found a little program that does this job:


Now Alpha input works!

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