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HP-71B and PILBox - How to transfer Program
01-10-2020, 10:14 PM (This post was last modified: 01-10-2020 10:17 PM by Dave Frederickson.)
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RE: HP-71B and PILBox - How to transfer Program
To summarize:

If the file resides on a LIF disc image then copying the file is easy - just use the COPY command.

If the file resides on a PC then a LIF file header needs to be added to the file before it can be copied to the 71 or a LIF disc image. Refer to Dan McDonald's article, HP-IL Files: Where, What, Why, How, etc., for a description of LIF headers.

1. Using DOSLINK as described by J-F, above.
a. Add a LIF file header to the file using aLIFhdr.
b. Copy the file from the DOSLINK virtual device.

2. Using HPDir. HPDir was originally developed for the 9845, but it works well for the handheld calculator files as well.
Copy the desired file to a LIF disc image using HPDir. HPDir can convert between DOS text and HP text files.

3. Using pyILPER and lifutils. If a LIF disc image is mounted and the Device enabled box is unchecked, pyILPER will work nicely as a front end for lifutils.
lifutils (based on Tony Duell's LIF Utilities for linux) contains many tools for viewing and manipulating 41, 71, and 75 file types.

4. Using macros. See Sylvain's description, above.
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