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First impressions on Casio FX-5800P
04-20-2014, 08:01 PM (This post was last modified: 04-21-2014 05:52 AM by Manolo Sobrino.)
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RE: First impressions on Casio FX-5800P
Tugdual: You couldn't possibly compare two more different calcs. I don't know the 34S very well, just enough to tell that its programming model is keystroke. This Casio allows for more (modern) paradigms, as Thomas has suggested. I save programming in calcs for a last resort option, so that's the last thing I consider about them. This one apparently packs the command set of the Casio modern graphing calcs, except for drawing, IO and matrix Dim. I don't know if the graphing ones support logical operators in conditional statements, this one does.

The 34S is a fans' RPN programmable calculator and its layout reflects that. The 5800P is an algebraic scientific first, and then it can also do formula... and then programming.

Independently of RPN/algebraic and programming models, the 34S can do things that the 5800P can't. It is faster and claims to be very accurate. If you need those features that's the calculator for you. Something like this is just convenient for me. It could have full complex support and unit conversions... I use other calcs that can do that (there are superb TIs out there, you'd be surprised with what you're missing, too bad allergies can't be fully rationalised Wink). They do not exclude each other, you can get both.

Dave, speed would disappoint you, it's just OK for what it does. I like the Slim, but it lacks some elementary useful keys on the layout. I guess it's a much better calc for programming.

I've been always curious about the 8500G, I like its looks. But I have a 6500G and a 7500G, I fear getting the same calculator again. I'm more of a user than a collector anyway.

Shinyoe: I've had to use a 991ES and have tested the 570ES, I can't stand their keys. Missed keystrokes all the time, maybe the Plus versions are better. There are older Casios with softer keyboards (not only rubber ones), yet I rarely missed a key with them. Hard keyboards are nice for a while, but try to take a long calculator based exam with them... I guess I have soft fingers.

I've tried the N-Queens program from Xerxes:

And interesting things happen. I get it done (S=876) in 4:31s (!). I don't know very well what is exactly being measured here and the fact is that the code from Xerxes has some black magic going on (you really have to call that odd Deg mode). Except for creating matrices in the program, the code for the FX-9860Gs should work, I'll give it a go at some point... writing programs here is time consuming, bordering on tedious, as commands are in nested menus.
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