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LIFUTILS 1.7.8 and pyILPER 1.7.2 beta release
08-09-2018, 05:44 AM
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RE: LIFUTILS 1.7.8 and pyILPER 1.7.2 beta release
Thank you for feedback.
(08-08-2018 04:38 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  1. The help screen for the Print device window does not include the 'paper' color scheme, included late in the last version.
I will put it on the backlog for the production release.

(08-08-2018 04:38 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  2. Is there a way to map the [f] and [g] keys to PC keyboard keys? I have many key assignments I use regularly (mostly to save keystrokes) but they aren't available (or I have not found them in the s/w or docs).
The KEYBOARD lex file uses HP-71 key numbers to map escape sequences sent by pyILPER to HP-71 keyboard input. There is not key code for the "f" and "g" modifier keys (see the "DEF KEY" entry in the HP-71 Reference Manual). Instead the primary keys (without modifier), the f-shift and the g-shift modified keys have their own range of keyboard numbers. So there is no way to map the modifier keys to a terminal emulator key.
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