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HP 17bii + Incomplete Calculator- Deception
07-31-2018, 12:29 AM
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RE: HP 17bii + Incomplete Calculator- Deception
Think the time progression as well.

All HP-12C / CP variants - no trig functions despite my pleas

HP-10B - no trig functions
HP-14B - no trig functions
HP-17B - no trig functions
HP-19B - trig functions
HP-17BII - no trig functions
HP-19BII - trig functions

HP-10BII - no trig functions


HP-17BII+ - no trig functions - might be the same microcode as 17BII in different ID

HP-20B - trig functions
HP-30B - trig functions

HP-10BII+ - trig functions YAY!

So the HP-17BII is MUCH older than the HP-20b etc. The 17BII+ is of the same era internally, so you can't really compare the current models with trig to the old ones without.

It is perfectly fair to wonder why the old did not have trig, but that's a different question than the original comparing different era machines.

FWIW, a group of us begged HP to add trig to the financial line back in 2005 (?). I like to think the HP 10BII+ eventually grew out of that once Tim Wessman arrived! :-)
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