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(50g, 49g) ArcLength v1.1 - The lenght of arch of given function
06-06-2018, 04:36 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2018 05:05 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: (50g, 49g) ArcLength - The lenght of arch of given function
Hello Dieter!

I also think that the integration accuracy is dependent on the selected display format. I normally use ENG 3 format. That display format dependency is also what J. Horn did mention on some old post I did find at the morning. Weren't the 15C (and maybe other classic machines) like that also?

With ENG 6 mode, the above code indeed does give answer (50g):
ArcLength(2x*sin(10x)) = 19.6287926576
IERR = 1.962879...E-5
So it does agree with the wolfram alpha in 7 decimals, but it takes a while (coffee break) to calculate.
...a surprise is that WA refuges to go above integer value 3 (upper integration limit), it seems. XCAS (MODE: exact,real,RAD,16,MAPLE) as a whole calculation in a worksheet does give a value: 19.628792649016e0 simultaneously when I hit run (Intel i5-4690K Stock).

For ENG 4 mode, the given value (50g) is :
ArcLength(2x*sin(10x)) = 19.6287694327
IERR = 1.96E-3
(takes somewhat long)

For ENG 3 mode, the given value (50g) is:
ArcLength(2x*sin(10x)) = 19.6416300627
IERR = 19.6404..E-3

For FIX 3 mode, the given value (50g) is the same as above.

Standard mode the answer is (after a lunch):
ArcLength(2x*sin(10x)) = 19.628792649
IERR = 1.9.628..E-10

So summa summarum, the above code do give correct numerical approximations.

PS. here is the results as a table like format:

19.628792649016e0 XCAS
19.628792649... Wo.Al.
19.628792649 50g Standard mode
19.6287926576 50g ENG 6
19.6287694327 50g ENG 4
19.6416300627 50g ENG 3
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