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Example of MISO solver for WP 34s
05-23-2018, 05:47 PM (This post was last modified: 05-24-2018 02:35 PM by burkhard.)
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RE: Example of MISO solver for WP 34s
I had a little fun keying this (the original version) in on my lunch break and figuring out the syntax to get some of the characters to appear. Fortunately I purchased the WP-34s manual :-)

A couple of comments:
1. Nice job! Thanks for including the PDF ref with the example with numbers given. That made a nice check that everything went in OK. I'd like to see more programs that demonstrate the ropes of WP34s programming capability. It is really a pretty handy *small* calculator.
2. I had heard the acronym MISO before, but didn't know the meaning. I understand now and can appreciate the usefulness of being able to solve for any one of the variables. I also like that it can be run repeatedly in sequence, each time retaining the prior inputs as defaults.
3. Your using a negative number as a flag to mean ""Solve for me!" was clever and sensible for this specific example. One can't get away with that always, though...
4. While I agree with Dieter that one doesn't need to comment a simple addition operation, a lot of the comments within "VAR" and "SSR" subroutines were pretty useful and appreciated. Perhaps they aren't needed for an experienced master of keystroke programming, but they were helpful to me. Completely stripping them all out would be a loss. Maybe put them below the code as footnotes by step number so they can be referenced only if needed?
5. Monospaced font was a lot easier to read :-)

Thanks again!
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