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HP-35 Battery Door Repair or Replace
04-28-2018, 11:49 PM
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RE: HP-35 Battery Door Repair or Replace
(04-28-2018 10:39 PM)mdunn Wrote:  This is great... But I don't fully grok it. My '35 latches are present, but broken. They don't hold onto the compartment door very well, but do work to some degree. Will these replacements be an improvement? Cuz to me, it looks like they'll be no better than what I currently have. thx

It's very likely that yours are broken. There is a small tab on the far 'outside' edge of the slider that very often snaps off. The slider is still retained in the slot, and still slides, but there is not enough 'length' left to fully catch under the edges of the 2 sides. The new ones are about 4mm longer, with that extra portion still intact.

And don't toss out the old ones, you'll need to move the small rubber feet to the new tabs.

--Bob Prosperi
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