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Happy Birthday Charlemagne
03-06-2018, 10:06 PM
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RE: Happy Birthday Charlemagne
Hi, Maximilian:

(03-06-2018 08:14 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  28 years is not soooo long isn't it

You're right, absolutely not. Even 42 years are next to nothing, I've been in love with classic HP calculators longer than that.

Quote:(btw. March 6 is an important date between me and my wife but some years before the HP-48 SX :-) ).

(Almost) same here, for me March 5 is the most important date.

Quote:What a wonderful calculator this could have been with a readable display and a processor fast enough for the software they implemented... and a durable connection between the display and the PCB. And BASIC instead of RPL of course.

Absolutely agree, +1

Quote:Sorry to spoil the party but I really think the HP-48 is one of the main reasons why HP lost their most important market, education, to Ti and Casio. I have one in my collection but there is absolutely nothing I like about it.

Again absolutely agree. Not only Ti and Casio in the education market, but Casio and SHARP were producing and marketing scores of pretty wonderful and capable BASIC Pocket Computers that sold enormously in the engineering and technical markets of the whole of Europe (most especially in Germany), Japan and everywhere, not only to individuals (engineers, architects, engineering students) but also to corporations and even the military. And their physical built was also awesome and aesthetically pleasant.

HP really lost it all. The RPL models in my HP collection aren't gathering dust (as they're properly stored in sealed bags in a protected environment) but they haven't seen any use nor will they ever. Nevertheless I fully respect all the people that do like those RPL models and have no problem to wish a Happy Birthday to "Charlemagne" as well. Smile

Best regards.

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