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82240B printhead fried itself in a puff of smoke
02-27-2018, 01:05 AM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2018 01:11 AM by Duane Hess.)
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RE: 82240B printhead fried itself in a puff of smoke
(02-26-2018 04:08 AM)tcab Wrote:  Can anyone suggest how to remove the ribbon cable? There seems to be no unclipping mechanism. Pulling on the cable seems fruitless. There are some ribbon cable removal techniques listed here but I can't seem to find the exact scenario that matches the 82240B.

Perhaps if I push a flat headed screwdriver in and try to lever the pins away from the cable, as I pull?


You have the right idea but a screwdriver is the wrong tool. Likely will cause more damage than good.

As you mentioned the link referenced does not match directly. As mentioned in other posts many flexible cables can be removed easily if there is a removable clip, sliding lock or screwdown posts/plate; sometimes held in place by easily overpowering friction. None appears pertinent here.

Do not own a 82440B but the connector looks very similar to the HP-91/92/97. The "pins" in that socket are more like picks or teeth and do minimally move/rock, especially when the socket is empty. On the 91/92/97 if you pull they actually grip tighter. Pulling out unprotected will definately cause wear.

I remove the printer cable from the 91/92/97 using plastic from a blister pack; a pack with thicker plastic. You will know what level of "thick" is suitable as soon as you try.

Cut the plastic from the pack and make a rectangular piece. Length unimportant, just so its usable as a tool for your hand/area around connector. Width should be very close to width of the socket--there should be plenty of room for lee-way.

Insert the plastic "blade" between the cable and pins fully seating to the bottom of the socket. At this point use your thumb and tightly grip cable to plastic blade and pull slowly. Slowly is mainly for you to guage any refinements (any or all):
- pull out barely, hold cable, push tool back to bottom of socket & continue
- CAREFULLY rock tool back and forth, espcially along long direction of socket; it may suddenly loosen
- usually I held cable/tool together & both come out at same rate; pulling cable by itself causes crimping to cable end (a folded flap)
- when gripping tool/cable together try to get as close to socket as possible for touch feedback needed, avoiding undue leverage, ...

If the cable is like the Topcats the cable end will be folded over having conductive sides out. Take note of direction of fold in socket (typically away from pins). The fold is handy for placing the tool in the middle of the fold and shoving the cable back into the socket. Rotating the fold relative to the socket is unlikely as you won't have room the flip the cable around--it will obviously be wrong.
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