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Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
08-06-2020, 11:04 AM
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RE: Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
(09-02-2014 05:27 PM)charger73 Wrote:  Hi all

Software Update:
It is now possible to select any LIF container file on the SD Card with
the controler (HP41 or HP71) by name - so, there is now full flexible access :-)
A catalog function of all LIF files is already there.

Please contact me, if you like a copy of the new software.

I will check now to integrate a TFT touch display... there are displays with an integrated SD Card reader on it. Perhaps I can show
something in Allschwil..

Best regards

Revisiting this thread after a long time: what is the status of this solution?
Was there any additional development and are the sources and documents up-to-date?

I was considering to build a simple mass storage solution for my HP Portable Plus in case my 9114 starts to fail.

I would prefer combining the PIL-Box part and the Arduino firmware into a single micro-controller (Arduino PIC, STM, ESP).

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