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Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
07-22-2019, 03:24 PM
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RE: Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
(07-22-2019 02:29 PM)Artur - Brasil Wrote:  Hi, guys!

I was thinking about such ideas on HP-IL storage devices, as I can't be confident on my cassette recorder and cassettes themselves actually.

But my direction would be other than you are trying. I would use or the cassette recorder or, even better, the card reader for interfacing with some Arduino board (Arduino nano???), as both accessories already translate all electric signals to digital ones and send them to their processors and this to storage media (circuits, motors, heads, etc).
So, I believe we should intercept the processor signals to store, read and deal with internal controls (timing, wait, read, write, etc).
The hardware is ready - well, at least the first half !!
Does anyone would like to work on such thread with me?

Best regards

Portable mass storage has already been done.
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