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What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
04-06-2014, 08:26 PM
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RE: What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
The Casio Fx-850P has a User Defined Function, a good BASIC implementation with Long Var names, Arrays Definitions, Subroutine support, a built-in Databank (MEMO) .
It has also a Scientific Library.
Originaly had 8Kb memory expandable with 16Kb or 32Kb memory cards. For my 850 I bought a RAM Chip of 32Kb and I have solder it to the main board (8Kb removed) and together with a 32Kb card , I have 64Kb free memory.
It has a 2 Line display but you can scroll 8 lines.
It is quite Slim, robust with all metal case and a PVC Slide cover.
One of its best things is the very low power consume. 2x CR2032 and a 1xCR1220 Backup Batery. I can not recall that very well , but with heavy usage, every day the CR2032 lasted at least 6 months.
I have also the PC interface , FA-6.
Unfornatly the Contrast Adjust knob was broken some years ago and Casio did not supply it any longer so that I had to change it with a normal potentiometer but it is not any longer easy to adjust contrast.
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