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What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
07-10-2020, 10:26 PM
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RE: What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
(07-10-2020 10:05 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  
(07-10-2020 09:45 PM)ZQ8000_dude Wrote:  Well my IQ8100m did arrive today but sadly unable to get it to work. Gave it fresh new batteries and tried it with both the 32KB RAM Card in and out, but best I can get is some lines on the screen.

I've found that the 8000 series is not particularly durable, unfortunately. I have three - one of them works with some dead lines on the screen, and the other two won't power on at all. It seems like the 7000s might be a bit sturdier.

I guess that's what you get for buying it untested? I think it was genuinely untested as all the batteries were showing 1.3v instead of 3v. It might be the fact the batteries are rubbish I'm not sur.e it's odd as marked as it's rated for 6v but you put in 4x3v batteries.

Does it only use two at once or limit the voltage?

I wonder if a good clean will do it any good. If not I may send it to YouTuber mymatevince!
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