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What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
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RE: What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
(02-27-2019 01:25 PM)xerxes Wrote:  Interesting concept to use the interpreter that way. Have you also additional information about the IQ-718M chess card?

The "IC Card" application cards for the Wizard (OZ/IQ-xxxx) and Zaurus (ZR-xxxx) product lines were developed using a C compiler (GNU C Sharp modified to generate code for the ESR-x series of CPUs). The software tools (compiler, linker, debugger, etc.) were provided along with target ICE systems for creating both the consumer application cards such as Chess, Backgammon, Finance, AT&T EMail, etc. but also industry specific vertical solutions for various industries by VARs in those markets.

I don't recall who developed the Chess IC card, likely a company that was already selling Chess software that Sharp hired to port it to the Wizard. The "16" in the upper right refers to the cards intended use on the early 7xxxx series of models with a 16 character wide LCD. The later 8xxxx series had a 40 column screen and cards for this series had a "40" here. Some later cards would work in both series.

The OZ/IQ-707 "BASIC" Card included a quite impressive and fast version of BASIC, ported from the Pocket Computer line (same Engineering group - some really bright and incredibly hard-working guys) which could also be used as a Scientific Calculator, adding Trig, Logs, etc. There were also -770 and -870 versions of these cards also for VARs (same ROM inside, but with blank face so the keypad could be tailored for application-specific use). There are several entries in your awesome database from these cards, which will show their relatively high performance (for the time).

--Bob Prosperi
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