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HP12c Credit Card Payment Calculation
01-25-2018, 05:11 AM (This post was last modified: 01-25-2018 05:27 AM by Carsen.)
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RE: HP12c Credit Card Payment Calculation
I wrote a program and I got the answer of 1075 monthly payments. About 89.58 years. My modern 12C screen went blank without the text "running" in the display while running my program (really freaky and weird). It took about 19 seconds to complete the task.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE [RND] FEATURE IS USED. Because paying 2.7 percent of the current balance every month will never pay off the balance. Unless we round (with RND) to the nearest cent.

Keep in mind that this program is written to solve this problem. I did not design it to tackle a whole bunch of these programs. So it may be inefficient in some areas but my goals is to get the job done.

01   0
02   RCL  PV
03   f    RND
04   g   X<_Y? (Is X less than or equal to Y conditional test)
05   GTO 00
06   2
07   .
08   7
09   %
10   CHS
11   STO  PMT
12   FV
13   CHS
14   STO  PV
15   1
16   STO + 0
17   GTO 01
Before running the program, make sure REG 0 is empty. Or your answer will be wrong.

Is my solution right? What did everyone else do? What is your solution?
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