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Who needs the system's default calculator anyway?
01-03-2018, 09:41 PM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2018 09:45 PM by pier4r.)
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RE: Who needs the system's default calculator anyway?
(01-03-2018 08:36 PM)TheKaneB Wrote:  yeah I know, I have the same problem like you but I don't want to spend 20-25 € for the mobile version of the Prime app just to use it more comfortably. I have the real thing which I can use fully when I am home.

The good thing for me is that I can write code and expressions much quicker on the computer, as I am a very fast typer.


I had an open todo to consider a math environment (could have been a programming language with proper libraries as well) as portable as possible. So I could develop a program with a real keyboard and let it run on mobile/embedded devices.

For my knowledge at that time, and still today, the Hp prime is the best solution given my budget.

I develop on windows (from XP to win 10 pro and then hp connector kit + virtual calculator) and then when the basic test works, I send it to one of the many android to let it compute in the night. (even a device from 2012 would be powerful enough)

I did exactly this with the 50g before, letting run the 50g in the night. The problem is that when I approach a problem I search first a usable/correct result and then I optimize the algorithm a bit. (I learned the hard way that optimizing early does not help, at least with me)

Now my optimization are not bad but neither are that miraculous. This unless I am fixed on a problem and I ask around for help. Therefore a relatively simple but intensive algorithm with userRPL on the 50g ends up:
(a) using too much memory due the limited memory available (in my 50g, normally 200kb)
(b) run it for days.

Thus I see the prime as environment to run more time/memory intensive applications. Although I am surprised that there are some hard limits on data structures (list, matrices, strings). If one lifts those limits, for example allowing lists of 1M entries, the prime becomes even more powerful. Anyway for the moment it is ok, as one can use lists of lists with a bit of patience.

So my gamble on the prime, so far, is good. For intensive tasks that would take too long on the 50g it is great (considering the 50g with userRPL coupled with my algorithms. With newRPL things change a bit). For smaller tasks, the 50g is still great.

Then I have the ti89t and the ti nspire (2006) sitting around (actually I may reuse the ti89 soon) because their usability for automating little tasks (read: programming) is quite low without TI software.

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