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HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator (updated list of emulated models)
05-24-2018, 07:45 PM
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RE: HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator
I received my board from Harald yesterday: here it is installed in what looks like a HP-55...

[Image: hp55_smaller.jpg?dl=1]

...but is actually the case and keys of a HP-55, with the display board of a HP-45 inside it.

(Be reassured that the HP-55 was completely dead, and only the display board of the HP-45 was working. No working classic calculators have been harmed in the making of this beast!)

Another thing that may strike you is the power switch: the calculator is "on" although the switch is set to "off". The switch of the HP-55 is too long to work with the HP-45 display board. The HP-45 switch needs to be sanded in order to fit through the slot in the HP-55 keyboard, but when installed the calculator was always on - the switch couldn't turn it off. Replacing the contact in the HP-45 switch with the contact from the HP-55 switch bent to fit inside it has given a working switch, except that "off" and "on" are interchanged!

One possible bug: putting a small number (e.g., 0.00123) in the x-register and pressing "f" "1" (H.MS->HR) gives a blank display until the calculator is turned off and on again. Otherwise, fantastic! Thank you, Harald and Tony.

Nigel (UK)
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