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Water Vapor Tables
12-13-2017, 12:39 PM
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Water Vapor Tables
Hi all,

i'm glad to upload my first program for the HP Prime, it calculates all the interesting parameters of the water vapor.


The work is based on the VBA version by Claudio Tomasoni (

I've made the porting for HP Prime.

All the variables are in SI units. All the functions want the temperature as input, if you know only the pressure, you can calculate it with the VaporTemperature() function. Obviously the input is pressure in Pa.

You may also nest two functions e.g. VaporDensity(VaporTemperature([pressure in Pa]))

The functions can be called inside Home and CAS views, use the Mem-B button to scroll the available functions if you don't remember the names.

Change the program name to meet your language and find it easier in the menu!

Have all a nice day,


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