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Change name for →Qπ - please suggest!
11-16-2017, 05:42 PM
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Change name for →Qπ - please suggest!
So its been pointed out that the → in the name causes problems with calling the function in the CAS screen since → is an operator used there.

I personally have never particularly liked the name since I first came across it in the 49G. Seemed rather cryptic and while it was quick to type, maybe the time has come to change the name to something else.

The original QPI 4.3 docs stated:

Quote:Original written by Mika Heiskanen, now maintained by Andre Schoorl. Based on QPirac by A.Coulom and MuPAD rationalize command.

QPI approximates any floating point numbers by a rational number, square
root, multiple of PI, exponential or a logarithm depending on which
approximation seems best.

I'm hoping that between all of us we might be able to come up with a better name that isn't quite as cryptic, but not also something ridiculously long.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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