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(HP65) Factorial and Gamma Function
10-25-2017, 04:06 PM
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RE: (HP65) Factorial and Gamma Function
Hello Dieter, hello Gamo,

thank you for your answers. Twenty-five years ago I wrote a "turbo-pascal" program for the gamma-fct with real arguments. I remember this, I also used for large arguments the stirling approx (x>10) as a example for coprozesser programming. But for smaller arguments I used the method described above (divsion by integer values). For negative number I used the formula:

\[ \Gamma(x) =\frac{\pi}{\sin(\pi x)\cdot\Gamma(1-x)}\] f. e.:

\[ \Gamma(-3.6) =\frac{\pi}{\sin(\pi (-3.6))\cdot\Gamma(4.6)}\].
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