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using factorial in probability question
10-03-2017, 09:31 AM
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RE: using factorial in probability question
pier4r, you are confusing elementary with easy. Knowing how to use factorials is elementary to math, although it may not be easy to do by hand.

the denotation of elementary is: "of or relating to the most rudimentary aspects of a subject"

synonyms for elementary are: basic, rudimentary, fundamental; preparatory, introductory, initiatory, entry-level

and learning about factorials is elementary in that it is fundamental and preparatory to the learning of other subjects.

in HOME:

200! / 194! = 5.93342...E13 is this answer correct???
253! / 194! = 3.89222...E138 is this answer correct???
254! / 194! = 7.52344...E138 is this answer correct???
354! / 194! = 7.52344...E138 is this answer correct???

how is a user to know when HP Prime has hit a secret overflow value that is hidden from him???? That is the point, not if the math is difficult or easy to do by hand.....but, really, how are users to know that the answer that the HP Prime has given them is a correct answer???? In the example above, you can make a comparison, but in most cases when users are making calculations, they are not making comparisons to determine if the Prime is giving them a correct answer. The confusion increases when CAS and HOME do not confirm each other....
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