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HP-41 Android AMC OSX module CAT1
07-26-2017, 08:41 AM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2017 09:02 AM by Jotne.)
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RE: HP-41 Android AMC OSX module CAT1
(07-05-2017 04:28 PM)gjmcclure Wrote:  My MOD includes Library#4 (at ROM location 4 of course), AMC/OSX (at ROM location 7), EVAL 1E (at ROM location 8), and WARP CORE (at ROM location 9). It hard codes these locations since that is the only way I could get it to load under go41cx. It will only load by using slot 1 (which covers ROM locations 8 and 9). I have included it in the ZIP file attached


Seems to be a bug in you combo module. I do not find the XEQ+ function. But when I do a CAT 2 and list function under -WARP CORE2, I find a function named XEQ".
Since I can not type in ", I assing it to a button pressing the A key. It then works as XEQ+ when I hit the button.

When I load the module maually its called -TTL REKALL, in your combo it's listed as -WARP CORE2.
Also som function are missing.
WARP is missing

TTL is missing

I guess the later 2 is just renaming.
But clearly its used different version.
All module should show version nummer in CAT2 Smile
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