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An HP 29E GPS IR in action over northern Canada...
06-19-2017, 03:15 PM (This post was last modified: 06-19-2017 03:17 PM by Geoff Quickfall.)
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An HP 29E GPS IR in action over northern Canada...
On a flight from Vancouver, Canada to London, England.

The HP 29E is an HP 29C with the following modifications:
  • An HP 29C shell
  • An HP 25C PCA
  • A Panamatik ACT programmed as an HP 29E
  • A GPS installed.
  • And infrared printing option.

The HP 29 has twice the RAM memory as the HP 25 and more functions. As a result the hidden alpha characters are fewer. This impacts the ability of the HP 29 to display enough characters for the GPS mode. Therefore the HP 25 PCA is used for GPS alpha display usage. A Panamatik ACT replaces the original HP 25 ACT and the HP 29E (enhanced) firmware is added.

The new firmware removes a couple of the standard HP 29E functions to allow the IR and GPS coding to be added.

You can find out more at: Panamatik website

In the meantime here is a short video of the GPS in use on board a Boeing 777 over northern Canada on the way from Vancouver, Canada to London, England

Video of HP 29E GPS IR

At YouTube enable in settings 'captions on' and 480 or greater resolution. Also expand the description tab for an explanation. This was filmed with an iPhone. The volume up will broadcast the incessant chatter over the headset/speakers one is subjected to but has nothing to do with the video :-)

Cheers, Geoff
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