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33c gsb debugging
05-01-2017, 08:29 AM
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RE: 33c gsb debugging
(04-28-2017 09:59 PM)nsg Wrote:  Thanks for all good suggestions. It looks like i did not miss anything obvious and there is no way to actually step into the sub.

Pressing SST twice (as fast as a double-click) works quite well.

(04-28-2017 09:59 PM)nsg Wrote:  What other calculators have this? 65? 67? 55? 34c?

The 67, 19C and 29C behave the same. On the other hand the 34C and 41C step through every single instruction. Both methods have their benefits, and I wish there was a way to use either one. Sometimes tracing every step in a subroutines is helpful, while on other occasions running through the complete routine is more convenient. The debuggers of all PC-based programming environments I know of allow both methods.

I wonder why the 33C and 34C obviously behave differently in this regard although they both belong to the same Spice series.

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