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[wp34s] New integration program
03-12-2017, 11:07 PM (This post was last modified: 03-13-2017 06:03 AM by emece67.)
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RE: [wp34s] New integration program
I've just updated the program listing and the comparison table cause I've added some tweaks to the program.

Overall I think that it, definitely, wins against the built-in, Romberg-based integration program in the v3.3 wp34.

The main source of trouble for this algorithm seems to be such functions with infinite derivatives inside the integration interval (even if the function does not go to infinity).

There are other cases where the built-in integrator is better, but even in such cases this tanh-sinh method gives acceptable results (F22) or, simply, both methods are failing miserably (F30, F32).

In all these problem cases, switching to DBLON mode does not help.

On the other side, the huge speed-up in almost any situation of this tanh-sinh method and its better results when the integrand goes to infinity at the integration interval edges makes it, IMHO, a safe replacement for the built-in integrator in the wp34 calculator and, perhaps, in other machines with Romberg based integrators.

Even more, with minor changes, this method can cope with integrals where one of the limits is infinite (exp-sinh method) or both are (sinh-sinh method).

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