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Porting HP48 Program to HP50g
02-27-2017, 03:52 PM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2017 04:26 PM by Han.)
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RE: Porting HP48 Program to HP50g
I managed to compile by doing the following:

1. Install Jazz on EMU48 for both the 48G and 50G emulators.
2. On the HP48 emulator, go into the source directory.

3. Press up key and go to the top of the stack, and select ->LIST from the menu.
4. Type DIS (Jazz command), and then use the emulator's copy stack command.
5. Paste into the HP50 emulator.
6. On the HP50 emulator, use ASS to compile the string back to a list.
7. On the HP48 emulator, type VARS DIS to decompile the list of variables.
8. Copy this string from the HP48 emulator into the HP50 emulator, and then compile using ASS. You should now have a list of strings on level 2, and a list of variables on level 1.
9. On the HP50 emulator, type 'LA' CRDIR and enter the LA directory you just created.
10. Then press the STO key on the HP50 emulator
11. On the HP50 emulator, type VARS REVLIST ORDER (this reorders the variables) to their original order.
12. In the variable MAKE420, simply add the following lines to the top of the string object

DEFINE #1-+ #+-1

13. Place the edited MAKE420 string onto the stack, and type ASS. This will compile the library.

I did not bother to check if any of the code works -- I merely wanted to see if it would compile, and it seems to compile fine. One should check whether the substitutions above are correct.

By the way, I found a minor bug in Jazz through this process so I guess I need to dig the project back up!

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