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[HP 71B] Software for FRAM71 users
02-01-2017, 10:17 PM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2017 05:47 PM by dayd.)
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[HP 71B] Software for FRAM71 users
Taking the MEMBUF idea a bit further I made a little program to help configure the FRAM71. Each time I reconfigure the FRAM71 I do a peek at 2C000 then run MEMBUF, looking for where is what I want to modify(?).
By running MEMDIS and looking at my actual FRAM Blocks configuration table, I have a quicker view of the actual memory state to determine the needed poke(s).
MEMDIS reads the header of IRAM and ROM memory, recognize IRAM identifiers (shown as “i“), HC ROMs (shown as “HC“ when in place at E0000 and “!” else where). It will display the name of the first file on IRAM chips or just 3 dots if empty.
It is intended to be use with some display so set your delay at 0,0 in that case, and for using without one, you can still remove blank lines from the code.
If, flirting with the limits, you need know the amount of addressable space left, just uncomment the line 280.
DESAL or similar keywords (HTA$,REV$) have to be installed and information can be found at:
JF Garnier's website
or at:
Joe Horn's website
or elsewhere…
You can also found Desal in the FRAM71 Tool Kit.

I’m a newbie with the 71b (started around charismas 2016) and not aware of a lot of particulars so take it as a beta version to be tested and excuse my basic... If it is useful for you, please report any bug (some probably still exist at this point, v.0.8) or rapture you may encounter!

[Image: 264199Memdis06runinga680px.jpg]

v.0.8: First release, here.
    - Changed calculation of Maximum Addressable Space Left.
    - Added detection of blank IRAMs configured as HC ROM at E0000.
    (ROM blocks with no name (empty) still remain undetected as HC ROM)

    - Changed addressable space left calculation, at Dave's request,
    to reflect independently room for RAM and room for ROM/IRAM.
    Results can be off by 3KB from theoretical space for easiest practical use.
    - Minor display bug removed.
    - Notes in MEMDISH file
edit 1: fixed links
edit 2: v.0.9 Update and revision notes
edit 3: v.1.0 Update and revision notes

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