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Paper Tape Punchers and Readers
10-28-2016, 03:14 PM
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RE: Paper Tape Punchers and Readers
Hi Michael,

According to Ansgar K├╝ckes's HP 9845 Project webpage, yes:

During a period, HP offered special ISA measurement extension boards for standard PCs holding a complete HP 9000 series 200/300 computer (Viper cards), including an HP-IB interface. Peripherals with HP-IB include printers (such as the famous Think Jet), plotters (e.g. the 7440), graphic input devices (such as the 91114A), paper tape and card puncher & reader, magnetic tape drives (e.g. the 7970E) and a large number of floppy disc and hard disk drives. Also HP's external graphics processors like the 97060A were controlled via HP-IB. See the Peripherals Section for a large number of devices which could be used by the HP 9845.

Paper tape is available here:

Don't forget to specify oiled or unoiled tape. Smile

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