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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
11-20-2016, 05:20 PM (This post was last modified: 11-21-2016 07:42 AM by Dieter.)
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RE: 4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
(11-20-2016 12:47 AM)Gene Wrote:  Does the AOS program have a problem? I did a XEQ AOS to initialize. Then I did 1 + 2 = and it shows 0.
127 LBL 00 
128 RCL IND 23 
129 XEQ a 
130 RDN 
131 RDN 
132 SF 22 
133 GTO 99

Here is/was the problem: The final result is recalled by RCL IND 23 and then the whole operation stack is cleared (XEQ a). Here the result is lost due to the CLST (and four other values filling the stack) in that routine. Two fixed versions are attached to my previous post.

(11-20-2016 12:47 AM)Gene Wrote:  The code should have the fix for this NOP: NOP

Excuse me, but what is this "NOP" supposed to mean? You have used this term in a few posts and it seems to mean something like a bug report. Here I expected some way of doing a NOP = "no operation" on a '41. #-)

Of course this fix is and was included in AOS and AOS_3/3a.

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