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How to escape square brackets?
07-13-2016, 10:19 AM
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How to escape square brackets?
I wonder if there is an official way of using square brackets in posts without having them interpreted as formatting tags. While there is no problem writing something like [A] or [C] (since there is no respective command) it seems to be impossible to do so with a B between square brackets because this is interpreted as the tag for bold text.

The only solution I found is using additional "bold" tags around the text:

Press [b][B][/b] to start

The result then looks like this:

Press [B] to start

But what do you do if you want an "I" in square brackets? OK, you can use the same trick with the tag for italics, but I think there must be a general solution that prevents text in square brackets to be interpreted as formatting tags.

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