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FFT Multiplication (HP-48G/GX/G+)
02-14-2014, 12:34 AM
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RE: FFT Multiplication (HP-48G/GX/G+)
(02-13-2014 03:16 AM)Gerson W. Barbosa Wrote:  67 seconds is pretty good considering the hp 50g does is 30 seconds.

now my SysRPL version runs in about 22.9 seconds for the two 128 element arrays on a normal HP 48GX.

The most time-consuming parts are now the two FFT and the IFFT calls.
The final loop, which was the slowest part in the original program, now needs about 3 seconds only;-)

One could squeeze out another 2 seconds by using integer arithmetic in the final loop if applicable...

I'll post the commented SysRPL source tonight or tomorrow.



-- Ray
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