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Now available on iTunes: HP Prime Graphing Calculator iOS app
12-17-2015, 05:19 PM
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RE: Now available on iTunes: HP Prime Graphing Calculator iOS app
You can get rid of the title bar.
Plus why would you knock on the fact that someone put that on the app. You know that was someone's idea, and they are likely very proud of it. I think it was nice.

As for these kick-a** calculators you speak about please point them out. They all fall short. I own a lot of calculators from the app store and honestly the interfaces was poorly developed. Either the functionality is very limited. Or their interface is like mathlab or mathematica. I don't want to write scripts on my phone! Why would I do that when I have 10 fingers I can put on a keyboard.

Where would this PRO calculator fall into?
Let us break down how we solve problems in real life when it comes to calculations.

-My brain for easy math and super large exponentials calculators can't handle. (if you are finding bugs in your brain when trying to multiply Log(3.23)*PI because you are hiting precision issues you might want to get a calculator or a computer)

-Calculator for easy functions that need to be solved and where I can plot things very fast to get a nice intuitive feel of what is happening. Program some functions but nothing so complex that I am finding bugs in the implementations of the calculators software. (if you are finding bugs in the implementation such as precision issues you might want to go to a computer)

-Computers of various sizes for everything else. (if you find bugs fix them because you are probably an expert trying to solve a very hard problem or you are using a terrible code base, or you are hitting undefined behavior and you shouldn't do it)

I didn't mention pen and paper because it is symbolic and usually u don't plug in numbers until the end if you are doing things right. then you use one of the tehcniques above to get an actual number.

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