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Interesting professional calculator
11-15-2015, 12:17 PM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2015 01:18 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: Interesting professional calculator
Hello, Walter

Indeed it is a purposedly build for one disibline of end-users in mind. It is obvious and is not general engineering & scientific calculator, but it does have interesting new features for a calculator. Also it is true that FD10 is huge, it seems to be a trend that partly I assume comes from the on the self 128x68 dot matrix display modules.

The connectivity is one thing that seems to be thought out really well (copied from hp48..50 Tongue ) and it is made easy to use accordign to marketing yada yada (so should be taken with grain of salt obviously). I like the CSV/spreadsheet support of it, I think it is something that should be at any high end calculator as a "data type" these days and as a basic feature. It is easily created in ie. Excel and is used to archieve platform exchange with ease I don't know how many decades already. Look-up tables and so forth comes to my mind, since awfully lot of things are are in standards with pages worth of std. values/series/limits/do&donots of different things. Also other way around calculator should have basic commands to make CSVs or atleast convert Arrows or lists to CSVs to thow them when needed to computer with ease.
Record "stack" to txt command would not be a poor idea in my mind also, to throw the calculation made with calculator to some paperwork if needed, ie. calculating things from blueprints etc or just have a way to verify your calculation.

Did you notice the backlight of keyboard and display? Nice touch-up for outdoor users. Some dim backlight one or two leds in well thought out spots (under user control) wouldn't be a bad thing in general for calculators.

The black and white LCD in general is good thing, I can not imagine where I would need a colors in calculator and what I have learnt from cellphones is that readability of the screens did go a few magnitude backwards when they did introduce the multicolor displays from them. (before huge touch screens come to compensate).

That FD10 also have somekind of free programmability as other high-end Casios, but I have no idea how the programmability goes with the Casios in general.

The keyboard is nice, what comes to see through keys, could be better ie. illuminated trough, with markings at top layers. Now I assume they drop too deep inside the calculator body. In general the number of buttons is at edge of fourcalc, but I assume there is all basic geometry tools for surveyors. Edit. The form of keys is just basic flat seen years and years, nothing exciting or new on that. Compared to HP35S keyshape just *meh*.

IP54 I assume is desired for the outdoors use where that thing is intended.

Pretty basic calculator inside, but the outside and some other things are nicely thought out. Plus it is a professional calculator outside teaching or financial industry.

Don't kick me but here is a link to casios page,

Edit. Oh, it took me 45 mins or so, off and on with coffee cup on the other hand to write this post. :O
Here is the manual (atleast the only one I did find) :
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