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HP50g : Symbolic solver oddities or user errors?
11-08-2015, 01:18 PM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2015 02:55 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: HP50g : Symbolic solver oddities or user errors?
It is also miracle that books made from paper are still around. Did you know btw. that there is some small manufacturers that have reintroduced cellphones without anything else than just call and text messages?

Using mathematical scientific software is overkill for many tasks and for sketching the pen and paper (digital or traditional) is still pretty awesome tool where you are not pound by capabilities of "on the self software".
Quote:Based on marketing studies done at the time, the HP-9100 was the "right" size and price for a scientific calculator. The studies showed little or no interest in a pocket device.

Smart phone with "calculator simulator" is close, but the software keyboard is typically non-optimal to use since it doesn't have feedback or it is too general (plus all issues with dry,wet etc finger tips). Also the keys per cm² is pretty low compared what can be done with physical devices where is 3rd dimension in use. Those are also relatively slow to use even for the people of age 20..24 who are pretty much lived with devices like those whole their life. Also there comes all the issues related to the "jack of all trades master of none" with phone apps. Then there is two task, but one device problem, what is typically seen in "paperless" offices without a though given for resources where you should read eDocument for information and should fill the information to another document based on information ascuired from another, but you have only one monitor. Ending up "channel jumping" between softwares and cursing your organisations resource planning.
Then there comes the strickt phone restrictions on some places and IT software voids ruled from somewhere in ivory tower for next 5 years.

What comes to laptops they are nice and are pretty much in hand every where, but they are purposefully made for typing words, not mathematical stuff. Their UI for mathematics (keyboard) is nonexistent and they do not fit to the pocket of my jeans.

Also with calculator one can not access to the eJunkies paradise called internet.

There should be no demand for ie. HP12c, nor any other small palm sized calculator at all.

PS. Ie, HP35S is not a palm sized calculator nor it is not pocket sized calculator, it is more a table top calculator in size as is all the CAS and graphing calculators I'm aware of.
PPS. Basicly a HP42S brought to todays computing power (shrinked down 48 family) (with battery life over speed), a tad smaller so you actually can use it with one hand, since 8cm is just hair over wide. Would buy 42S without heart beat if they wouldn't be so damn expensive in mystery 2nd hand condition.
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