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Year(s) Month(s) Day(s) between 2 dates
10-21-2015, 06:07 PM
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RE: Year(s) Month(s) Day(s) between 2 dates
(10-21-2015 01:49 PM) Wrote:  Thanks Dieter for comments, but I really don't understand how works #.

Lines starting with a "#" are constants from the CONST menu (h ENTER). For instance, #c is the constant c from this menue, i.e. the speed of light. As a special feature, integers from 0 to 255 can also be entered this way so that they fit in a single line and execute somewhat faster. To enter such a constant, select "# 0 to 255" from the constants menu. This is the very last entry, so simply press "1" to get to the first constant "1/2", then press the up-arrow to move back to the last menu entry, which is "# 0 to 255". After pressing ENTER simply type the number you want, e.g. "123" or "008".

Of course the constants #002 and#008 can just as well be entered as a simple 2 resp. 8, but using the constants here is good pratice as this runs a tiiiiiiiny bit faster. ;-)

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