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result on the display of HP50g
09-05-2015, 02:46 AM
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RE: result on the display of HP50g
I'm running through some tutorials for my 50G and am having a similar problem of not being able to see the solutions. Here is what I'm doing:

1) Select the numeric solver by pressing the ORANGE shift key followed by the 7 key.
2) Select the polynomial solver (press 3) to solve for the zeroes of a polynomials.
3) Once in the Solver, I select EDIT which takes me to a type of matrix editor.
4) I enter [ 1. 0. 2. 0. 2. ] for this polynomial X^4+2X^2+2
5) Select ENTER and am taken back to the Solver.
6) Arrow down for Roots and select SOLVE which give me the roots.

Since I can't see the solution, the tutorial suggests to select EDIT which takes me back to the matrix writer. I scroll through the entires in the matrix to see each of the 4 solutions but still can't see the whole solution.

I try to select +MID and MID+ to change the size but still can't see the solutions.

I have a Casio 991EX where I have a button S<->D which will put a long solution on two lines so I can see it. Does the 50G do anything similar?

Also, when I solve it in the Prime, the Prime lets me scroll to the right seeing all the solutions.


I tried brickviking's suggestion of using VIEW but that's not letting me see the solutions, either.

I haven't tried John H Meyers "page by page viewer" because I figure there must be a way to accomplish my task without getting side tracked on having to figure out how to enter programs into the 50G (I'm still new to all this).

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