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Return an exact answer on the home screen.
09-04-2015, 09:28 PM
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RE: Return an exact answer on the home screen.
(09-03-2015 11:49 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  What will most likely happen at some point is the a b/c key will ALSO cycle through as one of the options a QPI (that program) variant which will match values of sqrt, pi, etc. Right now it cycles decimal, fraction, mixed fraction, <insert qpi>, then back to decimal.
I think, this would be a great enhancement.

Here's another (somewhat related) suggestion:

Playing with the emulator, I intuitively press the "a b/c" key trying to enter proper fractions or improper fractions (as this would be the key to enter fractions f.e. on Casio calculators). The Prime, however, cycles the stack X register contents through a number of display modes instead (which is definitely useful as well).
But wouldn't it be possible to combine both by preserving the Prime's behaviour for as long as the entry line is still empty, and switch the function of the "a b/c" key to an "enter fraction" mode as soon as someone starts entering a number? Not sure, if the stack X display toggle mode no longer being available in this specific situation would be great loss, but having some easy means to enter fractions would definitely be a plus.

Alternatively, couldn't the Prime be enhanced to support the "enter fraction" mode using the decimal dot "." as supported on some other calculators (like the HP-32SII or the WP 34S)?

1.2 -> 1.2 (normal real)
1.2.3 -> 1 2/3 (improper fraction)
.1.2. -> 1/2 (proper fraction)
1..2 -> 1/2 (proper fraction on the HP 32SII) or 1 0/2 (improper fraction on the WP 34S)
1.2. -> error (but perhaps could be made to be accepted as 1/2 as well)

I'm aware that I could use the "C" key on the Prime to enter fractions, but opening and reacting on a pop-up menu completely disturbs the input flow (old discussion "GUI vs. command line"), so I would rather like to "blindly" type in the number instead of navigating through menus.



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